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private piano lessons
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January 1, 2020

Inspired by the saying ‘Rachmaninoff didn’t die, God took him for private piano lessons’’, this publication brings together various self educational machine learning experiments under the conceptual framework of a machine analogous to a god/superpower taking lessons from Rachmaninoff himself.

The title track doesn’t utilise any sort of machine learning and was a conceptual side sketch inspired by the process itself - made simultaneously on another machine whilst training on Rachmaninoff and various contemporaries during the same evening.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Private Piano Lessons 3:12 Buy
  2. 2 gneta_3_forj∆[todayslessonsdone✓] 0:39 Buy
  3. 3 meditatinginamatrixalone 4:12 Buy
  4. 4 Learning to Remember Rare Events 5:00 Buy
  5. 5 waitingformy:instructor:at:the:terminal 3:57 Buy
  6. 6 gatedunits[secret crush] 0:45 Buy
  7. 7 A Lesson in the Clouds 6:00 Buy
  8. 8 Better Practice Alone 4:29 Buy
  9. 9 I feel like a ghost wandering in a world grown alien 6:12 Buy
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